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Best Sports Movie Bracket: Round One Is Complete

After two days of voting, here is the updated bracket with the lucky movies that have made it to the Sweet 16…

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 3.17.34 PM.png

Biggest margin of victory… Miracle over TGGEP (96% – 4%)

Biggest Upset… #30 The Mighty Ducks takes out #3 Field of Dreams… Gordon Bombay’s squad is feisty and they aren’t going away without a fight…

Some matchups to watch in Round Two… Sandlot is taking on Miracle in the West Region. The winner of this matchup should make it to at least the Final Four. You could also see Space Jam take down Hoosiers. We shall see….

If you want to fill out your own bracket, here is the printable blank bracket for everybody: BOTB Best Sports Movie Bracket