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Brews On The Balcony 5/10/18

SHOW RUNDOWN: STUPIDEST THINGS PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES HAVE DONE DURING A GAME (2:23) - Brad Marchand licks Lightning player in the face… Ron Artest fights fan in the stands… Randall Simon hits Brewers Sausage mascot with bat… Bryce Harper crappy helmet throw… Torii Hunter throws fastball back at pitcher after getting beaned… AUDIO CLIPS OF THE… Continue reading Brews On The Balcony 5/10/18

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The T.J. Weber Show 4/4/18

SHOW RUNDOWN: UPCOMING VEGAS TRIP TALK (3:00) – “Homeless” people in Vegas... Planning on doing a remote on the strip... LAST MARCH MADNESS SEGMENT OF 2018 (7:25) – Our brackets sucked… Donte Divincenzo scored 31 in National Championship, but people are focused on his tweets from 2011… The internet is ruthless... CARDINAL FANS: THE GOOD,… Continue reading The T.J. Weber Show 4/4/18

Podcasts, T.J. Weber Show

The T.J. Weber Show 3/30/18

SHOW RUNDOWN: CARDINALS/OPENING DAY - (2:00)- Cardinals have rough Opening Day in New York. Signed closer Greg Holland. T.J. THE COUNTRY SINGER? - (14:08)- T.J. plays samples of him singing country music, trying to convince Nick he can be a deep voiced background singer. THE ALPHABET GAME - (18:50) - Today's Category: Baseball/Opening Day Twitter:… Continue reading The T.J. Weber Show 3/30/18