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St. Louis natives, T.J. Weber and Nick Yahl, give their opinions and thoughts on sports, entertainment, and life on the Brews On The Balcony Podcast. New Episodes posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

These two weirdos both work in sports media/broadcasting in the St. Louis area, but they discuss other important topics besides sports. For example… What is the actual definition of “brunch”… What kind of dances could baseball managers do during pitching changes?… If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?… These are just a few of the captivating topics you’ll hear on the show!


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T.J. Weber

Host/Co-Founder of the Brews on the Balcony Podcast

A St. Louis native, Weber created From The Tap Sports in October 2017… He has been a radio/podcast host since 2012 and enjoys bringing the heat three times a week on the Brews on the Balcony Podcast. In addition to his hosting experience, he has been the play by play voice for high school and college programs, and even a professional sports organization.

He enjoys all things St. Louis Cardinals and Blues, and also likes the Detroit Lions… you’ll have to ask him about that one…

His goals include, growing Brews on the Balcony and From The Tap Sports into the next big thing, owning a boat, AND… getting his second solo win in Fortnite.

TWITTER: @TJWeber_    EMAIL: tjweber242@gmail.com


Nick Yahl

Host/Co-Founder of the Brews on the Balcony Podcast

TWITTER: @NickYahl