BOTB 7/13/18 – Nick’s Stories From Vegas, Friday Flicks (Ant-Man 2)


NICK WITH STORIES FROM VEGAS (1:08) – Trip Rundown… Nick saw a bunch of NBA stars at the Summer League games… Best part of the trip: Playing at the same blackjack table as MARSHAWN LYNCH… Beast Mode was betting the minimum????…

FRIDAY FLICKS (19:54) – This Week: Ant Man 2… Recap, Fun Facts, Review/Score… Marvel bringing in comedic actors (Ryan Reynolds, Paul Rudd) to bring in non-super hero movie fans?… People mad at spoilers for movies that were made over 10 years ago… Who is your favorite Batman?… What movie have you paid to see in theaters more than once and how many times did you see it… Konnor says he watched Avengers: Infinity War EIGHT times in theaters… Will it be a sad day when/if movie theaters finally go out of business? Will eventually have every movie available at home… NEXT UP: Equalizer & Equalizer 2

Thanks to for the intro music!

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