BOTB 7/6/18 – Nick is Headed to Vegas, Would You Rathers, Voicemails


NICK IS HEADED TO VEGAS FOR THE FIRST TIME (4:08) – Are you a next level degenerate if you bet on NBA Summer League?… Waiting to see how many hooker flyers Nick gets on the strip and the best name he sees… T.J. gives Nick advice on how to survive in Vegas… The key is to gamble or act like your gambling so you get free drinks… How to tip the waitresses that come by… T.J. thinks gambling in the airport is for suckers… 4 hours of sleep per night is enough in Vegas… Hey T.J., The Grand Canyon is not in Vegas…


WOULD YOU RATHERS (18:45) – One of the top one’s today – Go back to age 5 with everything you know now OR know now everything your future self will learn … Send us your ‘Would You Rathers’ to our voicemail inbox (314-877-8597), to our twitter feed(@BalconyBrewsPod), or our email (…

THINK QUICK NICK (28:43) – Nick has to spell “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in 30 seconds…

VOICEMAIL SEGMENT (31:41) – Stanley Cup from Florida… he picked up a stripper named Barracuda… The cops are after Stanley it sounds like…

TERRIBLE ATTEMPTS AT IMPRESSIONS (37:42) – Morgan Freeman, Steve Carrell, Mike Shannon, Bill Clinton, New Yorker, Bostonian?…

Thanks to for the intro music!

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