BOTB 6/29/18 – Friday Flicks (Jurassic World “2”), The Return of Girls, Girls, Girls


AUDIO OF THE DAY (2:24)– Kid says in an interview his favorite part of game 7 of the Stanley Cup was the woman flashing everybody on TV… Stanley Cup calls in and is hysterically laughing…

FRIDAY FLICKS (6:12) – Today’s Movie: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom… Konnor read wrong and was shocked to tell me Jeff Goldblum only made $18,000 for his appearance in the film when actually it’s $18 million… Why would you build another park with meaner dinosaurs?… Konnor drops the line of the show… Seeing an actor that you know as a certain character shows up in something else, do you see them as only that character? (for instance, Steve Carrell IS Michael Scott)… Send Konnor good/bad movies for him to see and review… T.J. and Nick task Konnor with watching Thankskilling and Tag this week…

GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (27:10)… Why girls can’t decide where to eat… Do girls play with their hair when they flirt?… Girls and texting… Going to the bathroom in packs…

Thanks to for the intro music!

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