Brews On The Balcony 6/18/18


INTRO – Happy belated Father’s Day to all of the dads out there…

TOP TOPICS (5:03) – Brooks Koepka wins second straight U.S. Open… Many golfers were upset with the course conditions… STL’s own Chris Naegel makes the cut this past weekend, while Rory, Tiger, and Spieth missed it… Phil Mickelson’s bonehead move. Dumb move, but some people are going WAY over the top with this. His H.O.F career will not be tarnished from this… Nick gives his thoughts on where Mizzou’s MPJ could go in this week’s NBA Draft… Sonic releases a pickle juice slushee and T.J. is down to try it…

BEST MLB MANAGERS VS UMPS TIRADES (20:30) – Video of Former Mets’ manager Terry Collins going crazy after Noah Syndergaard was thrown out of a 2016 game for throwing behind Chase Utley in retaliation from a 2015 incident in the playoffs was leaked last week… Crew Chief Tom Hallion was mic’d up during the game… Which managers have had the best tirades in baseball history… Audio of Earl Weaver going after an umpire… Phil Wellman with one of the best tirades of all time… Lou Piniella is the king of umpire arguments. Threw his hat, kicked his hat, kicked dirt on the umpire, and threw bases on more than one occasion…

THINK QUICK NICK (32:47) – TODAY’S CATEGORY: BIG 12 Conference teams… Trying to name Cardinals Word Series starting lineups from ’06 and ’11…

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