Brews On The Balcony 6/15/18


INTRO – Merchandise will be available soon!… Why do they call it “street smarts”… They usually have National Days, but apparently there are National Months Now (ex: National Iced Tea Month)… Nick has never had iced tea, adding to his list which includes coffee… Our creative minds came up with a great name for a new video, called “Nick Drinks”, where… Nick… drinks… T.J. tells the audience about his trip to Bed Bath and Beyond while registering for his wedding… Upset he spent an hour and a half in kitchen appliances… Scanned a $400 massage chair during the trip…

PREPARING FOR MARRIAGE, THE GUY’S PERSPECTIVE (12:44) — If you ask if she needs help with something and she say’s “No” twice, it actually means yes … The male mind cannot comprehend the difference between teal or navy blue towels, it just doesn’t matter. They fulfill the same purpose…

TOP TOPICS (17:22) – Caps are still partying… is this the best celebration for a championship winning team EVER?… Nick previews the 2018 World Cup… Weird things people have googled…

THINK QUICK NICK (24:50) – Today’s Category: U.S. States… T.J. challenges Nick in this and absolutely destroys him… T.J. and Nick sing the states song… Should we change Think Quick Nick to a multiple choice trivia segment?… We try our hand in reenacting Who Wants to Be a Millionaire…

Thanks to for the intro music!

Twitter: @BalconyBrewsPod

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