Brews On The Balcony 6/11/18


TOP TOPICS (4:20) – Caps win the Cup… Ovi is on the bender of all benders… Lady flashed the Capitals and the national audience after game five… Warriors sweep Cavs in the NBA Finals… We quickly talk about the hottest of all sports takes, where will Lebron go this offseason?… Vince Vaughn arrested with a DUI… Soap hockey phenomenon…

THINK QUICK NICK (18:45) – U.S. Presidents…

BEST SPORTS MOVIE BRACKET UPDATE (22:40) – The Final Four is set… Caddyshack VS Remember The Titans AND Rocky VS Miracle… T.J. thinks Rocky will beat Miracle and Remember The Titans will win it all.. Intern Jack has never seen Remember The Titans… Hayden Panettiere is apparently a 49ers fan and intern Jack is intrigued…

VOICEMAIL SEGMENT (27:40) – Our records say that Adeiny Hechavarria has called into the voicemail inbox… what are the odds that this is actually him… We’re shocked to find out that the Rays’ shortstop did not actually call in…

ALPHABET GAME (30:10) – TODAY’S CATEGORY: Gambling… It’s comical how bad T.J. and Nick are at this game…

Thanks to for the intro music!

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