Brews On The Balcony 6/8/18


INTRO – Introducing Intern Jack…

TOP TOPICS (3:20)– RIP Red Schoendienst… Alex Reyes is now out for the season… IHOp has changed their name to IHOb???… Girl posts tweet saying guys with dad bods are more on her radar than fit guys… Intern Jack tells the audience about the three stages of the “Dad Bod”…

BEST SPORTS MOVIE BRACKET UPDATE (18:41) – Nick is gloating about Miracle beating Sandlot by a VERY small margin… T.J. thinks there is collusion involved… Previewing the Elite 8 matchups…

THINK QUICK NICK (26:57) – NBA Teams…

Voicemail Segment (30:37) – Nick leaves a nasty voicemail on our own inbox because he’s pissed off that the voicemail greeting still says “The T.J. Weber Show”… T.J. and Nick try to record a new voicemail greeting on the show… Jack auditions to be the Brews On The Balcony voiceover guy… Mitchell from Texas calls in about athletes and handling playing with injuries…

Thanks to for the intro music!

Twitter: @BalconyBrewsPod

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