Brews On The Balcony 5/29/18 – Adapt or Sink: How the World of Media is Changing

With the recent growth of the fan base and the kind words that the show has received over the past few weeks, the guys from the Brews On The Balcony Podcast have decided to expand from two shows a week to three.

The plan is to continue the same show twice a week, but then add in a “bonus pod” in the middle of the week. The bonus pod will mainly be in depth discussions about one main topic. Eventually that slot will be open for interviews once those start happening on a regular basis. The podcast currently releases a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday, but will be switching to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the next two weeks.

In this week’s “Bonus Pod”, T.J. and Nick discuss how media outlets are trying to change with the times… Which outlets are hitting it out of the park and which are falling… The way that media is consumed in this day and age is great for the creative world… It’s very inexpensive for people to get their content out to the public nowadays… We don’t know what direction our “business” is going to go, all we know is that we enjoy doing this stuff and will continue to do it…

Submit topics and give your feedback to T.J. and Nick by leaving a voicemail (314-877-8597), tweeting at us (@BalconyBrewsPod), or emailing us (…

Thank you to for the intro music!

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