Brews On The Balcony 5/24/18


TOP TOPICS (5:00) – NFL creates a policy, requiring players to stand for the national anthem… ESPN signs 5-year, $1.5 BILLION (with a “B”) deal with the UFC… Celtics lead the Eastern Conference Finals with the help of STL native Jason Tatum… Fornite’s new update had a “storm tracker” and T.J. doesn’t like it… Nick has never tried coffee…

THINK QUICK NICK (24:54) – Today’s Category: Vegas Golden Knights Roster… Who you taking in the Cup Finals – Vegas or Washington?…

VOICEMAIL SEGMENT (31:04) – Stanley Cups returns from his long hiatus with some takes… Says he can’t wait until Brews On The Balcony Arena is announced… Our arena would probably be a “B team” or practice gym…

SHOW WRAP (35:12) – Survivor is finally over… Nick won the milkshake bet…

Tease for next week: Releasing our Sports Movies Bracket and will put every matchup up for vote on Twitter: @BalconyBrewsPod

Thanks to for our music intro!

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