Brews On The Balcony 5/15/18


NICK SUCKS AT PICKING THE PONIES (2:00) – Nick discusses his trip to Fairmount this past weekend…

BRUNCH BREAKDOWN (5:45) – Do you go with breakfast or lunch food when you attend a brunch buffet?… Nick thinks brunch is called “brunch” because it’s breakfast at a later time… T.J. tells Nick that brunch means you can eat breakfast OR lunch food… Nick is really passionate about his part of the debate… Nick says once you get alcohol with your meal, it is no longer breakfast… Is

DISCUSSION ABOUT LEGALIZING SPORTS BETTING IN THE U.S. (13:00) –T.J. and Nick give their opinions on the Supreme Court striking down the federal anti-sports gambling law… If you can tax it, it’d be a huge asset to our country… People are going to wager on sports regardless, whether it’s with a bookie or an off shore website, so why not keep that money in the U.S.?… How does Las Vegas react to this news… Probably won’t have a huge effect on Vegas in regards to tourists… Once casinos and betting parlors allow sports betting in Missouri or any other state, the first thing they need to do is make betting mobile friendly…

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