Brews On The Balcony 5/1/18


BALLPARK VILLAGE SITUATION (1:16) – Prayers go out to all that were affected by the tragedy on Sunday night, especially the victims and their families… St. Louis has a lot of things to work on in regards to violence in the city… We have to be careful of our surroundings, but we can’t live in fear…

PITTSBURGH STORIES (8:16) – PNC Park is even cooler in person… The Pittsburgh cyclists are out of their minds… Cardinals didn’t play well… 10 year old was talking smack to T.J. on Saturday… Pirates fans are legit assholes… T.J. now HATES Pirates fans…

DEBATE: DO YOU BOO WHEN OPPOSING MANAGERS HAVE MOUND VISITS? (21:56) – T.J. says Matheny was boo’ed for literally everything this weekend… People are upset about the game going too long, T.J. – “Well, don’t buy a ticket in the first place!”…

PUTTING MORE ENTERTAINMENT INTO BASEBALL (25:10) – Maybe give Matheny a segway to use when going to the mound… Maybe make the reliever do a back flip on the way to the mound from the bullpen… or the reliever has to do a 20 second dance like the Electric Slide or the Wobble…

VOICEMAIL SEGMENT (28:03) – Tyler from Boston trashes the Toronto Maple Leaves… Stanley Cup calls in and we literally can’t understand a word he says… T.J. reads the transcription of the Stanley voicemail…

YOU’VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME (33:17) – T.J. only saw 1/7 Cardinal runs this past weekend… Nick is still upset with Facebook…

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