Brews On The Balcony 4/26/18


NICK’S CASINO TRIP TO KC (1:30) – Nick had a random stranger hand him cash all weekend… What is your game of choice at the boat?…

ANDREW SCHERPING (NFL Writer) TALKS 2018 DRAFT (10:42) – From The Tap Sports’ new NFL writer, Andrew Scherping, joins the show to discuss some of his predictions for the 2018 NFL Draft…

STANLEY CUP WITH TWO FIRE VOICEMAILS (24:19) – Stanley says he talked to a gentleman who he calls Mark Zuckerman about changing our Facebook Page title… Some stranger knocked over Stanley’s beer at the Cardinal game and he wasn’t too thrilled about it…

HOW DO YOU PASS PEOPLE IN THE AISLE AT THE BALLPARK? (31:28) – When you’re that close to someone, passing them in the aisle, which way do you face when you pass them?

ALPHABET GAME (33:00) – Today’s Category: Out on a Friday Night…

Twitter: @BalconyBrewsPod

Thanks to for the music!

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