Tiger. Is. Back. Baby.

Tiger Woods has been playing mediocre golf at best lately.  Everyone has been raving because he is healthy… which is true, and I am very excited about that, but the fact that he is in contention this week at the Valspar Championship is very exciting.

Now I know Tiger is coming back from a fusion surgery and he hasn’t played in many PGA Tour tournaments lately, but we can all agree that as the guy who propelled golf to another level in terms of popularity, we all expect more.  After his first round this week (shot 1 under), he was in a very good position relative to the field.  It was his first opening round under par in a very long time.  The problem he’s been having lately? Too many bogeys.  His game looks good and he’s been making a good amount of birdies, but the bogeys have been killing him.

On Friday… it was a different story.  Tiger played a classic primetime round, making birdies all over the place and holding his ground by limiting the bogeys.  He did end up bogeying the 9th hole, his last hole of the day, but other than that he had a very clean card.  He even took the SOLO LEAD at one point and it was magical.  This is exactly what golf needs right now.  The era of the 20 somethings is great and all, but let’s be honest, we all want to see Tiger Woods banging drives down the middle of the fairway and draining birdie putts like it’s nobody’s business.

He has continued his stellar play into the first half of his round on Saturday, and from the looks of things he is primed and ready to be in contention on Sunday.  I don’t want to get too technical on his game, but his tee shots look good, his iron shots are precise, and his short game/putting is spot on.  Don’t be surprised if you see Tiger Woods at the top of the leaderboard this weekend.

P.S. Players are already complaining about the roars they are hearing from the galleries following the GOAT…

Photo Credit: Orlando Jorge Ramirez, Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

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