Spring Training Reminds Me of Preseason Football

Spring training is in full swing! You know what that means… Only a month until Opening Day… Seems so close, but still so far away.

I go through it two times every year: spring training and preseason football. These are the two biggest teases for sports fans. When preseason first starts, the adrenaline is pumping. You want to get excited for the season, but the preseason seems like another damn offseason because it keeps carrying on.. and on… and on…

As the years have gone by, I’ve learned to get a little bit of excitement in the first week of spring training/preseason then shut it down. I don’t want to enjoy the “practice” games. I’m not a patient person. I want the real thing!

My solution:

1. Baseball needs to reduce the number of spring training games by like 10. The Cardinals have 27 games on their 2018 Spring Training schedule. Spring workouts, drills, and days in the batting cage or in the bullpen, combined with 17 exhibition games, should be enough time to look at certain “on the bubble” players and should get the team ready for the regular season. I agree that you need a “warm up” of some sorts, but not around 30 games when you have a packed 162-game schedule waiting for you in April.

2. Make the NFL preseason two weeks long. With players trying to make the cut, training camp should be enough time to evaluate who would have a legit chance at making the team. Two games is all you need to get your 53-man roster all set and ready for Week 1.  Also, we’ve seen players get injured in games that don’t matter. These teams have offseason workouts almost immediately after the NFL Draft and then they work all of the way through the summer during training camps. Two tune-up games should do it. Four games is a waste of time for the teams, the players, and the fans.

I understand I’m talking from a fan’s perspective and I understand that I may be beating a dead horse, but I think the majority of people, especially the ones who do not attend these preseason games, would agree.

Photo Credit: http://weirdcooldumb.com/competition-the-catalyst-of-greatness/bored-football-fans/

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