I’d Like To Congratulate the Patriots on Making it to their Seventh Straight AFC Championship Game

It’s not too often that you see a 13.5 point spread in any NFL Divisional playoff matchup. That’s what Vegas has set for the game between the Pats-Titans, which is set to kickoff at 7:15 on Saturday night in Foxborough.

LAST TIME: These two teams last met in 2015, in Foxborough, with New England routing the Titans 33-16. Marcus Mariota was in his rookie season and left early with an injury (3/6, 32 yards, 0 TDs). In the second quarter of the game, Mariota was sacked and fumbled, which was eventually returned for a touchdown by the Patriots. The former Oregon Duck did not have any rushing attempts on the night.

THIS SEASON: New England is in a pretty familiar spot. Win over eleven games in the regular season… get a nice bye week to start off the playoffs… I liked the Patriots chances this week no matter what. Didn’t matter who they played. But, when I saw the Titans make a miraculous comeback to beat the Chiefs and realized they’d be heading to Foxborough next week, I thought “holy s***, the Patriots were just awarded another bye week!”

The Titans are going to get rocked. It’s going to happen. I can hear Titan fans already- “We beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead! We could do the same thing in Foxborough! It’s the playoffs bro! You never know!”

No, I really do know this one. The Titans WILL NOT and CANNOT beat the New England Patriots this week. PERIOD. To completely crap on the above argument… The Chiefs had their fifth home playoff loss in a row last Saturday. Everybody thought the Chiefs would beat the Titans. Everybody. They have a better defense, they have better weapons on offense, and they have more experience at quarterback (to be fair it was Mariota’s first playoff start and it’s not like Alex Smith has a great postseason track record, but just stay with me here)… But that’s how cursed the Chiefs are in the postseason. It’s not an impressive victory when Kansas City has been just plain trash in the playoffs since 1994 (they’ve won one playoff game TOTAL since ’94). It’s also not a good win when Travis Kelce, probably the second best tight end in the league, leaves early with an injury. Was Mariota’s pass to himself legit? Not really. It was bulls***. A bad pass that was deflected back to himself. NOT a good play. NOT a pass to himself. Kudos for making a comeback, but just not a great win.

The Patriots have won the last six games against the Titans. The “Titans” have never won in Foxborough. They were the Houston Oilers the last time they won in New England. The year was 1993.

I’d like to take this time to personally congratulate Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on making it to their seventh straight AFC Championship. Love them or hate them, that is truly an amazing thing. Sucks that the road was too easy this year, but what can you do.

PHOTO: (goo.gl/5ZCwMC)

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